The woman who introduced me with mastrubation

This song is very special in our life who born in 80's or 90's


GIF+HD Image Review




Really Really Special song in my life...

at least what i remember, i started masturbating from this song


Perfect look, and extreamly sexy makeup


Now a days actress don't give that much importance to makeup for sex appeal

and give too much attention on body than face


Even from here,you can guess the Expression of this 90's bitch


Such a masterpeice this facial expression is,so much to learn from her



Look at that face, open mouth and breast size...

woww just amazing. now a days in the race of being slim and sexy,

art of seduction is just gone



You will find she will do every act of hers a bit over exagerated

but for high volume sex appeal it's really needed

This You need to see and listen as well..

Please make sure your sound is on..

This voice made my childhood soo soo difficult





This Expression is just too hot


Only these expressions are killing it


Not always necessary to expose..

Expression can work more perfectly


Slutty on the whole...Milf Madhuri

Look at the way she is over doing her sex appeal




Aisa lag raha hai kuch honese pahale hi iss chinaal ki chaddi ghili ho gayi hai

aise expressions de rahi hai


Itana bada muh karegi to kaise chalega madhuri?

chud jayegi muhh main hi



If you got the chance to even touch this body for 5 minutes

would you able to continue for 5 long minutes or erected within few seconds?




Such a treat to watch her showing expressions like these

begging for sex



First of all she has such huge melons and on top of that,

she is trying really hard to rub them on his chest





Mds Fan 2019-02-27 3:22:50 AM
Please do not talk mean things about Madhuri maam. Madhuri Dixit is a very talented actress and we people should not be passing these types of comments on a well respected actress.

Playboy 2019-01-24 9:26:54 AM
Madhuri is the goddess of all seductress. Godess of all whores. Goddess of all randis. Goddess of all sluts. Aaahhhhhh... What a perfect review to define this cum hungry whore. Madhuri mam, I've really devoted gallons of cum on your white milky body, those big milk tanker boobs, that real hot round navel, that tight ass, and that cute but seductive face of yours.

Thank you for this fantastic review and thank for taking birth and being so sexy Madhuri.

dear fappers i am your father 2018-10-26 12:08:01 PM
dont you have shame she is of your mother age. why.

Bollykittens Fan 2018-04-04 9:06:10 PM
Madhuri Dixit has the biggest navel which will always remain naked, and which she will always shake in an item song along with giving horny expressions .. no wonder she has taught an entire generation of boys how to masturbate .. it is such a pleasure to masturbate while fantasizing licking Madhuri's navel and sucking her boobs

RK 2017-12-04 7:48:03 PM
thanks a lot Admin i hv been following and waiting for this for so many years please please get Madhuri from Prem Granth her rape scene and songs...PLZZZ PLZZZ PZZZZZ

Nik 2017-12-02 1:18:08 PM
Thanks admin for this milfs horny song review she has given me sleepless nights right from my childhood her face her body structure she's a complete women a sexual goddess walking literally. Plz give next review of her on her dayawan song where she smooched her way to success and to every mans dreams of 90' era.

gorakhnath 2017-12-02 12:18:05 PM
Ahhhhh my babe Madhuri.....
Wat a erotic face.....
Luv u dr.......😍😍😘😍😍😘

Come bac after long time.....

Anonymous 2017-12-02 12:17:36 PM
ooh my goddess, i bow my head to that holy ground and kiss them as a sign of my devotion..

tomar 2017-12-02 12:12:30 PM
ass queen and my Seduction Queen too


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