Deepika Padukone showing awesome expressions

At padmavat press conference



This series will explain and discuss Deepika padukone

at Photoshoots and press conference

Specially at public places how she reacts and express




You know what type of Sex applea she has

when she started her press conference in such a way..

touching her blowse strips and adjusting them like this



Why you need to adjust like this in front of entire media?



Ohh I wish she would be as obedient as she is here

in my bed as well....:)




Even when she take long breath....

its giving me shivers.....



Just when she lean forward to listen....

how amazing her posture is...

small things can make difference




Her face is magic... and when she tide her hair like this

Ohhh You have to shagg 2-3 times a day for her




Ohh dear she is closing her eyes while explaining something

Not allowed for Deepika specially in public place





Just after she had hot and white cum

and now trying to manage her lips..




I would only like deepika to make such lips movement

in front of my Dick...







Anonymous 2019-02-22 6:36:30 AM
excellent ...stuff

rajeev 2018-12-20 2:17:32 PM
bas taan gaya dekh ke bhai

chatur 2018-04-11 3:06:32 PM
Muahhhh muahhh le randi

Anonymous 2018-03-27 5:05:18 AM
superb expressions,thanks for posting

romma 2018-02-24 11:48:25 AM
Her expressions... Her killer smile...her tendency of showing deep cleavage... And her sexy figure.... She's a good piece to add in fantasies

Aakash 2018-02-24 11:47:41 AM
Deepika's got a perfect name for herself...i.e. cumdevi....she has drained the dicks of boys a lot .....could be more than anyone else in the last 10 years....itne chumma chaati kari h....har hero se chudwaya h...isko to mera tribue h cum ka..... will fuck her anyday..

Anonymous 2018-02-24 11:47:21 AM
Nice beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful luck

rajkishor 2018-02-24 4:37:54 AM
if she is free to fuck to anyone in India, then there will be a riot in India

Kamal 2018-02-23 3:18:50 PM
Abbas Ali Randi ke muh ko chod chod ke bigaad doonga


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