Katrina Kaif



most Simplest yet Hottest AVtaar of Katrina KAif



This is her introduction shot in the film



tantalizing curves




Not very big boobs but enough to be present in the business



Lovely lips.. She kisses really well


sometimes surrendering herself to the man






I want to Pull out my dick ...then and there. ..

and ..show it to her ..and ..start shagging



That almost backless dress is just a hint

that it can be cut any minute



she knew she is getting men hard and she was enjoying it - clearly






I want to tear that dress of hers..pull my boxers down ...

pulls her boobs out and ...kissing her mouth ..fuck her ....STANDING ..IN PARTY



She just forgot , she is not allowed to open her mouth like that


Her attitude ..that smile ..fuck ..

i could be fucking her ..hard and she would still be smiling


No No, kat don't invite any man like that

I would make her stand against a table / wall ..tear down her dress

and take her ....like REALLY take her

then and there ..fuck her till semen flows down her thighs to her socks




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siddharth 2018-10-14 6:34:17 AM
awesomeeeeeeeee she is fucking bitch pls post more her caps from phantom n dhoom 3

Kaushik 2018-09-28 6:07:42 AM
iss raand ki chhot mein itni gherai hein ki 7 inch ka lund isse pidda lage

Anonymous 2018-09-20 5:15:20 AM
Aishwarya kaha hai

Anonymous 2018-09-18 5:25:48 AM
Where's reviews on Aishwarya? Please..it's been long time you posted her review.

Kat_Fan 2018-09-17 4:51:07 AM
Such a wonderful face and fit ready to be fucked body. Just makes me hard every time I see her........She's got a really wonderful, juicy looking, grab-tastic body.....She looks stunning and sizzling hot She sure knows how to carry aany dress with proper grace and elegance.............

Sanju 2018-09-17 4:49:20 AM
Very beautiful and stylish woman pic

Anonymous 2018-09-17 4:49:09 AM
Ahhh kat tera randipana badh gaya hai aaja door kar dun

divya 2018-09-17 4:47:27 AM
Iska chehra Chaat ke dudh pee jau

rahat 2018-09-17 4:46:52 AM
#तुम,अगर जानना चाहो की हमें किससे #प्यार
तो #पहला शब्द दुबारा पढ़

Anonymous 2018-09-16 11:39:10 PM


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