Katrina Kaif



most Simplest yet Hottest AVtaar of Katrina KAif




Look at that ravishing figure



Katrina is always ready to show her thighs..

infact that's her USP



The way she is confident showing them...

she just knows how precious they are


Just to prove how complete this woman is...



I wanna lick her face and lips dry




That fiery look has wounded my heart.

She wants dicks, her look tell us all things she want



This woman is all you wanted in your life



If you find someone like her in metro... in delhi

why you would not think of rape her?



Perfect Body



Kat dawning typical look of horny prostitute


my dick is saluting her armpit..



I am gonna hunt her down

Why the hell these girls wear such a small "chaddi"

so that innner pockets are coming out?



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siddharth 2019-03-04 5:00:20 PM
pls post her znmd ass show caps, d3, fitoor n phantom movie caps pls... keep post regularly

siddharth 2019-02-10 11:16:41 AM
hey its humble request to post regular .. plz upload caps from dhoom 3, fitoor, phantom n bang bang movie pls

siddharth 2019-02-03 11:30:56 AM
hey buddy.. where r u gone? waiting for dhoom 3, phantom movie caps... pls post it im waiting

siddharth 2018-12-05 5:11:39 PM
your all posts are awesome... pls keep posting regularly... pls post katrina's hot caps from fitoor , dhoom 3 n phantom

siddharth 2018-10-14 6:33:28 AM
thnaks for this caps... pls post her romantic scene from dhoom 3, bang bang and phantom movie caps too

dear #admin your father 2018-10-07 4:27:03 PM
how you can even think of raping a women as she is alone in any public area or transport? fantasy about having sex is okay but rape is not okay. be a human first not a pcychopath.

siddharth 2018-09-29 1:31:44 PM
ahhhh fucking hot bitch wanna fuck her

Anonymous 2018-09-28 6:06:00 AM
Bro it's just uncontrollable.. I can't resist myself from shagging.. Let's make a group for cum tribute to her

Anonymous 2018-09-24 5:37:55 PM
We want aishwarya

Rohit 2018-09-24 8:28:28 AM
iske sexy lips aur boobs to aaj bhi mast hai
Aaj bhi mile to chod duga is actress ko

Anonymous 2018-09-24 8:27:13 AM
Ye randi pe jitna bhi hilao kam hai.. Muth piyegi ye land ka..

hardik 2018-09-24 4:02:15 AM
fuck her hard


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