The Most sexist apperence of Kareena Kapoor Ever!

She never looks so Sexy and voluptuous ever in her life before than this

This review is dedicated to her Sex Magic and her most sexual Avtaar!




The First shot Starts with her sexy legs


Her Legs make me feel Horny!


take a look at this bitch walking,and those shining legs




Lots of things here that you can admire of her in this Image


Wow that's her!!

The babe!!

Kareena Kapoor



Utmost care must have been take while taking that shot.

something hard needed to be there to hold those huge melons



Most fuckable and most cummable face in the World

"itana bada muh kholneki kya jaroorat hai isko?"


Each and every thing in her Face is soooo sexy



It dosen't matter if your boobs are small or big. Bebo always use her hair to hide them


Wow!! cannot control myself !!

what a face!!

and just look at the Lips!


I don't know from where thse bollywood babes pick up cloths

But these cloths are just tooo Hot


here comes her acting skills

nice Naughty Expressions!


Looking at his Lips??



Ohh! where is she looking?


"Aise dekh rahi hai!!, man karta ke sulake bas chod du"


WOW super sexy Eyes!!

fall in love!


How can she gave such a variety of Expressions!


First glipms of her super sexy assets


Now that's a attitude with Sex appeal






I just love the way she allows her Hair to fall on her Boobs



Now first look at this scene and imagine what must have happend to a girl who got such forced kiss


This is brutal


This kiss literally making my dick hard rock


What bebo must have thinking while getting kissed such brutally?


Just shows how hungry one can be when bebo is front of you.

she also just in deep shock


She just do not understand what just happend to her




This is just the best part of Bebo. Her overacting in such situation.

She just has been kissed, yet brutally but it's not a rape. But the way she is expressing it like

She has been raped by 10 men


It's like someone used her and then left her like a used condom




Now suddenly all her ego and sex appeal kept aside. she is becoming justa other girl


The girl who just cannot understand how she has been kissed like this

and wants to confront but cannot as afterall she is a girl





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AK 2019-04-06 7:38:36 AM
What perfect lady mad by god..what a figure...what a smile...what a kiss she made....so what a masterbation she will ....so hope she will come in my life....i will fuck everyday....my dick will insert his lovely pussy till end my life...

yogesh 2018-06-05 9:08:41 AM
The creamiest... The most delicious... Can lick her legs all my life... Rolling my tongue all along the length of her legs... From her feet towards her thighs... Close to her heaven...

Such a perfect girl to eat... To repeat...

siddharth 2018-05-17 7:01:44 AM
really hot... sexy babe kareena wht a hot kiss

Abhiyan 2018-05-15 6:45:11 AM
woww such a randi she is

Ayushman 2018-05-13 11:46:14 PM
Such a cock teasing bitch...I badly want to rip this bitch's clothe off, spread those legs and fuck her until she is a screaming sticky hot mess in the bed...gonna spank her ass hard for every moan or whimper she make..making those soft ass cheeks completely red as her dress is there..

Kishor 2018-05-13 1:51:28 PM
This rand is amazing

Tamnay 2018-05-13 4:23:21 AM
I want eat her boobs wowww what a size.. I will remove my panties and will hold my dick in front of her by changing my face into a lustful and saying Bebo raand

Rahul 2018-05-13 4:22:22 AM
Her entire body becomes center of attraction when she is on the screen

Saket 2018-05-13 4:21:57 AM
Queen of masturbation

archer 2018-05-12 5:59:09 PM
Best babe in entire bollywood

Anonymous 2018-05-12 2:02:58 PM
woww ultimate bitch... leaking like anything

Manoj 2011-10-26 1:29:01 PM
Thanks a lot:)

Anonymous 2011-10-18 3:46:29 PM

Anonymous 2011-10-14 10:42:07 PM
mind blasting

Jigi 2011-10-12 9:10:08 AM
just tooo bad body!! smoking hot

sheelaa 2011-10-09 7:44:03 PM

Anonymous 2011-10-09 9:43:37 AM
Yes she is sooo sexy!!

dwwpu 2011-10-08 10:45:11 AM
nice thanks


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