The Most sexist apperence of Kareena Kapoor Ever!

She never looks so Sexy and voluptuous ever in her life before than this

This review is dedicated to her Sex Magic and her most sexual Avtaar!



really really bad dress and makeup but superb clevages


Even in this just see the Size of her boobs


The tightness is magical

Super sexy Hair style


Really really Dashing Look


You can watch her from anyside


Just a hint of her Cleavage


Ohh kareena do not open your mouth like that!

i will create Panic




Just Imagine when You reached home after hectic day

and your Wife shows you such face...

you will be charged up ASAP



Oh Goshss!!

Is she sleep like that ??

if anyone see her like that sleeping

Cannot help but to grab her



and then these girls complianing about moleslation and all.....!




Such a tentative kareena....

even in this unsureness makes her soo hot




Look at that piece of Armpit....



10 on 1o For sexy Dress


Sex appeal is just god gifted to her


she knows she is very very sexy


That's a buxom Body of Kareena


Healthy, Meaty thighs


She is sitting there like a pefect Whore


And now showing some Attitude




Ohh dear.... that push must have give her heavy orgasm






Camereman is making sure that her Ass and her thighs are exposed well


It's like performing KAMASUTRA on Bike



Just watch this clip... and you can think of sluteryness of this girl

Just last few seconds she open her mouth... woww killing





see those button Nipples


she must be had an experience of being whore!!

no one could do such things witout being such a whore!!



Really Tempting...




Very very very Tempting





She is saying in her own way sho's the boss here...



Now this is not a normal shot

this is A porn shot !!

no softcore

Its a hard core shot!!!


She can give porn film like feeling

without even exposing anything



Insanely Hot..

Only bebo knows How to do such things







I am not looking at her face , but to her Armpits

soo soo!! arousing

can i lick those for a second?


Look How she is sitting on a Bike

A real Prostitute



That's a clear cut nipples!!



She just cannot stop Seducing all the time!




Grabbing him towards her ultra Hot Boobs!





and now seducing.. like she is doing it from childhood




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Anonymous 2018-07-16 3:44:18 PM
too good man... nikal gaya bass aajke din

siddharth 2018-06-23 9:32:22 AM
kya maal lag rahi he... sexy babe.. her smooch scenes are too good in this movie.. pls post katrina kaif's pics from phantom n fitoor movie too

Anonymous 2018-06-15 1:33:12 PM
Such a raand she is

rakul 2018-06-13 4:50:55 PM
Love this man

Anonymous 2018-06-13 11:01:48 AM
Dude, those aren't nipples but the seam of her dress


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