Hottest Item song by Kareena Kapoor Khan

Gif Review





Wet hair and Bebo is uncontrollable combo



"iske nakhare to bas.... chodne ko majboor karte hai"


Look at this sensuous walk.... the posture is soo inviting



With just simple moves all must have got bonner



forget about fans, what about those guys in behing?

how they suppose to control such hotness and innocence at the same time?



Such a sluttery Bebo...not even realizing what assets she possesses



That's Bebo's Favorite step i guess, I find her doing that many time




Who fucing taught her all this?

I am sure she has it inborn... this level of Randiness





AK 2019-04-06 8:30:43 AM
What a beauty girl....make movie with me .. ...fuck with you ...make movie with me fuck ...you will earn so many money...and you will enjoy my dick as well....fuck you babo.....aaahhhhhh.....uhhhh..hiiiiii...

abhishek 2018-05-12 4:21:25 AM
wowww what a bithc

Anonymous 2018-04-27 3:02:09 AM
Kareenaaaaa suck my dick aahhhh

sanjeev 2018-04-24 6:09:43 AM
without much exposing really she is doing a lot. how these bithese can do that?

Anonymous 2018-04-17 5:35:17 PM
She is the Goddess. Instant boner...and these lyrics...puraa randipana...Meri (chut) say taka Teri hai...wonder why no one ever talks abt the level of randipana of these lyrics....just love this random Goddess



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