This is by far the best kissing scene in the history of Indian Cinema

And Deepika just killed it



Absolute milf getting prepared to be fucked for all night


She just looks soo ready to be banged hard



Deepika shaping herself correctly so that it will be easy to get fucked all night



Long hair,Just enough blouse and open entry Ghagra...

what You need more from your sex partner on sex night?



You can feel how desperate both were before starting to Kiss each other

I wonder if that's the same in real life,hence it brings realistic kissing performance





She Submitted herself fully


This looks more of a abuse than mutual kiss to me




Massaging her while kissing... woww

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Fuck me...How hard he is kissing her lips...


They Just don't have control on there body now



I am sure she must have had multiple orgasms while performing this

You can see from her face,that's not acting at all




He is just eating....her


And the best part is she allowed him to eat her like that...


Is she crying while kissing him...?

could be the best seduction of all time




Another level of treat to watch something like this

I will lick her tasty saliva and spit from her tasty mouth early in the morning

lick her tasty nose and i will eat her tasty shit





He is in full control now



Looks like she is just begging for the sex session now



More than him, now she wants to have it


While watching this review if you don't get erection

Please contact me in comment section. i will give you some life advise


I wonder if they had sex before this scene or after?




That's the moment every man wants with his girl




Expressions are like not only she is kissing

but also he is putting something inside her Pussy




Credit should give to bhansali for wuch kamasutra porn



Look at her upper lips... and nearby

such a hardcore kissing can make your lips like that

Wet lips.... woww




That's the beauty of Deepika...

after doing all this you will definetly shagg for her.but when you see her in below cloths

even then you cannot control. no exposure at all still as appealig and sexy as always




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tomar 2018-06-05 9:11:52 AM
Would love to suck those lips all day to extract all the juice from it... To make it all nude so that she can suck me back all night with her thick nude lips...

Akshay 2018-01-20 6:06:08 AM
That lust in her eyes which is enough to make anyone hard....

siddharth 2018-01-03 12:12:43 PM
too hot to handle... want to bite her lips

Anonymous 2018-01-02 3:40:08 AM
She is now international randi

rahul 2018-01-01 6:08:58 AM
Wowo such a randi she is

Anonymous 2017-12-31 5:50:56 AM
Aaaaaahhhh.i already started shagging,just look at her figure.i would love to lick his pussy day and night

Tamang 2017-12-31 5:06:51 AM
Smoking hot Deepika

Anonymous 2017-12-30 6:33:33 AM
HOT hot hot


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