Frame by frame Review of Aishwarya Rai bachhan

From Robot




Bitch knows how to throw tantrums



Such a lusty Woman she is,

and she could be lusty in any cloths..

for example here in jeans...


And why you need to walk like that?

walk simple right?



Just a banion and nothing else? or bra inside?



Bhabhi looking to matured in this

Just looking like a newly ripped MILF and she is angrey



See that empty naked neck

accompanied with that lusty married face!

That's the symbol of unsatisfied married whore


From her earring it feels like she needs rough treatment






Anonymous 2018-07-08 12:10:30 PM
fannay khan trailor ka review banao plz

Anonymous 2018-07-07 1:33:34 AM
Make fanney khan review asap please

siddharth 2018-06-23 9:28:11 AM
too hot to handle..fucking hot... pls post katrina's pics from phantom n fitoor movie

Nik 2018-06-20 7:30:12 AM
We want the whole dirty review of Aishwarya rai with captions

Anonymous 2018-06-20 4:39:56 AM
Randi No 1


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