Frame by frame Review of Aishwarya Rai bachhan

From Robot




First Shot of the Film of Aish


No need to tell..How hot this babe is


Just look at those arms


creamy arms...

no comparision at all



this must be crazy

this is the first time I am shagging by looking at someone's Ear

Aishu bhabhi is that Hot for her fan's


That orange hair color of hers is just magical


what are the chances of you guys suddnly start shagging looking at her just now?



for me it's inexplicably to explain why I love her so much


Just see How she emote

there is not drastic change in her expressions but just a little is enough


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Anonymous 2018-10-09 2:02:04 AM
Aahh aishu aishu ummaahh darling. U are the queen of my dick forever.i want to sleep on ur boobs for the rest of my life & die fucking u.Aahh aishwaryaa i love u,i need u so much my goddess

Anonymous 2018-06-09 9:43:51 AM
I want to sleep on her silky soft milky boobs.

Lick and taste my goddess.

I grabbed her from behind.

Anonymous 2018-06-05 9:12:07 AM
i just want her to wrap those lips around my dick and suck me hard

aish fan 2018-06-05 5:41:37 AM
This proves that even any casual gestures from her is worth shagging for hours. what a Goddess meri jaanu Aishu


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