One of the most sexiest and boldest film of Dia Mirza



These are one of the first Images of Dia Mirza from the Film


After her first film, I remember first time i take notice of her in this scene


Playing with Raindrops in that Open jacket...



Mindblowing face



Those pointed lips..woww.

not many actress has such curvey Lips



DIa Loves playing in water,

but she has no idea what's going to happen with her





Now look at this 'Nazar'

Sudden change


What a change in expression, She knows that she is getting fucked now


She almost knew, what's going to happen


Whatever going to happen to her now. one of the culprit is those lips



What an amazing piece of acting...

immediately she changes her expressions




First signs of her boobs shape




This is the first ever kiss she attepmted on screen



Now look at this..

Why you want to leave your hands like this when someone forced you to kiss?




This is proper hardcore kissing

Dia Mirza finally arrived



She closes her eyes every before emran about to kiss her..

almost Submitted then and there



Look at the same in slow motion....watch her eyes

and look she is infact initiating pout for kissing...? why??

this was suppose to be forced kiss!!



She leave her hands like that... submitting her body in so time wow





sagar 2018-07-16 12:02:55 PM
isko to ek ek hafte ke liye book krna padega,one day will not be enough

kaushik 2018-07-16 12:00:01 PM
Main Dia ke sath sex karne kalia har kimat chuka dunga

greg 2018-07-15 11:40:47 PM
A complete package for shagging this horse is, would love to spank and lick her back while fucking her doggy style in her ass! ✊💦💦💦😍❤😘

nikhil 2018-07-15 4:58:25 AM
Esa maal ho to sali ko kahi b pakad k ghapa ghap kar hi duu

Anonymous 2018-07-15 4:58:07 AM
Ghap ...Ghap

hrushi 2018-07-15 4:57:18 AM
once a bitch always a slutty bitch


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