Aishwarya Rai



Just no need to say anything more



You see this goddess from whichever side you want...

you will never be disppointed


Just look at this babe....

God's best ever gift to Mankind


Just a hint of her pallu sliding down...

and that's really enough...

Aishu dose not need to expose anything else


Kaha kaha se chodna chalu karu aishu ko

samaj nahi ata kabhi kabhi




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Anonymous 2018-10-08 2:13:39 AM
Aahhh masturbating heavily for her sexy arms & blouse.
Iam sure even her sweaty blouse smell will b heaven.
I need to smell it & rub my dick on her sweat & bra

Sachin 2018-01-31 3:36:33 AM
plz update red saree sex scene of that movie

Rajesh 2017-12-30 11:17:29 AM
Great review bro...loving it

Narendra 2017-12-26 5:20:36 AM
Nicely done bro....well done

aishu meri jaan 2017-12-18 2:47:26 AM
wow new post thanks admin, you captured her well

Anonymous 2017-12-17 6:00:25 AM
Dirty bhabhi...Post more

imran 2017-12-15 4:48:21 AM
Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!! This Desi come International Slut can do everything to become rich and famous... Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!! Ufffffffffff!!

sameer 2017-12-15 4:47:50 AM
or the last decade she just ruling bollywood and our Indian dicks..

yatin 2017-12-15 4:47:33 AM
My lifetime fantasy having her as my wife... like this wowww

rohan 2017-12-15 4:47:08 AM
very yummy mummy


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