This meat is unbealiveable



If someone needs to lick that,its not his fault


She always knew the method. How to tease


and then look at that look...




It dose not matter How many time you finished shagging

this is something special for today,so brace yourself


What is the use of such blouse strips,

when they are not basically going to surve the purpose?


But then i would think, they are really useful

to carry those melons





Now look at this Sari, why she needs to ware such a noodle staps

with that much revealing blouse?



She just knows whats the common weakness for the guys




Dosen't matter where she is looking...

she will kill all the time



I don't know what was the scene when this shot first released back in time

people must have shagged like anything



My toung is becoming thirsty to lick all that meat around that red Sari

sometimes you just feels like licking rather than doing anything....is it?




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Anonymous 2018-10-10 1:31:23 AM
I wanna bite her armpits so much & fuck her mouth.Even her sweat is worthy to worship & taste.

Sachin 2018-06-08 2:40:31 AM
After a long period admin fulfill our most awaited scene ...
Aisu wanaa lick your ass

fafe 2018-06-05 9:02:44 AM
I admit that these days guys prefer a little chubby girls... Who have some meat... Some flesh which they can eat... And Aish is the best example of that

amarjeet 2018-06-05 9:02:01 AM
Want to smooch those lips hard... Lift her leg up... Want to drill her pussy bad... She is really making me mad...

aish fan 2018-06-05 5:39:39 AM
Wow man awesome yaar. waiting for more and more on Aishu bhabhi. Good work by Admin

Tamnay 2018-06-04 2:12:53 PM
one of my fav randi

omkar 2018-06-03 3:18:40 AM
saali ko sb ke saamne pura nanga kar ke mere kaale lund se chodunga...mutunga saali ke face pr

rajkishor 2018-06-03 3:13:35 AM
sometimes guys so confused where to fap for this woman?

Anonymous 2018-06-02 2:03:52 PM
waiting for this from long long time


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